Peleg Dishon (born in 1979) Works and live in Tel Aviv, Israel. Graduated with honors from HaMidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College (2009). Dishon is a multidisciplinary artist. His work challenges the borders of different artistic mediums. At the core of Dishon's work stands the relationship between material and light, and the disparate way they are perceived by man's senses and a machine's sensors. Whether in paper cutting, photography or installation, the art work incorporates an interest in models, mapping, and the mechanics of movement. In many of his works paper is the lead actor in an imaginary world. The simple, flat and neutral paper changes different states: from a three-dimensional paper cutting to an almost transparent screen; from a light-maker to the source of a ghostly appearance of illusory cinema. Dishon creates these worlds with clashing means: labor intensive handwork, state of the art office technology, projection and photography. Dishon has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Israel and abroad including solo exhibitions in Circle 1 Gallery, Berlin (2014) and the Petach Tiqva Art Museum, Israel (2012). His works are in various of private and public collections among them are the Israel Museum Collection (Jerusalem), SIP Collection - Shpilman Institute for photography (Tel Aviv), Bank Ha'poalim Collection (Tel Aviv), Petch Tikva Museum Collection, START Collection - Serge Tiroche (Jaffa) and more.